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Thank you to all of our guests for signing our guest book.



Dear Sharon, Bob and Shelley:
We have had a wonderfully relaxing few days in your beautiful cottage. Sipping chilled Prosecco while sitting in a hot tub on a beautiful Spring evening comes close to perfection. We hope to come back and experience the peace and beauty again.
Ellen & Jeremy, North Vancouver

Carey & I had such a relaxing stay in this beautiful cottage.  It is like being in another world.  The hot tubs at night, watching the moon rise were definitely a high point!  Thank you so much for all of the treats.

Thank you Sharon for this wonderful 2 days.  I love the peacefulness and quiet of looking across the channel.  The cottage is a dream and has been a true gift.  Thank you.

Carey & Kim (San Francisco & Moses Lake)


Our 3rd anniversary and our third trip to the island, therefore our 3rd heavenly stay at the cottage!  Our stay each time gets better and better.  We relax more & more and see new things each time.  It was lovely to meet Rosemary & Hermann.  We missed you Sharon and Bob.  Shelley acted as “old faithful”.  We love her – her playfulness.  This is the most amazing place we have ever stayed – how could you not feel relaxed and comfortable.  Had Luigi’s pizza one night – absolutely delicious.  Thank you so very much.
Amy & Peter, Ballard, Seattle, Wa.


An absolutely awesome anniversary adventure (#12).  What a wonderful weekend.  Sharon, your hospitality and attention to detail compliments nature’s beauty.  Thank you to Shelly for being both a tour guide and a companion. 

Barb & Steve, Abbotsford, B.C.


Rosemary & Hermann welcomed Nola and me so warmly to your most special Clam Beach Cottage.  The frig was stocked with all our favorites.  The wood was ready to set a match to in the stove.  The foggy coastline mysterious and just perfectly spooky and even the towels gave us a warm welcome!  Thank you.  This lovely cottage seems to me to have every single ingredient to offer your guests a perfect stay, as long as you bring along a special companion, which I did with coming with my best friend and sister-in-law.  I’m hoping to arrange a return visit – perhaps for my birthday next year. 

Warm regards. Michelle, Edmonds, Wa.


Clam Beach Cottage is much like a new friend.  The more you get to know this friend the more time you want to take to know more and savor more time together.  Clam Beach Cottage isn’t for one time visits, one night visits.  It’s for the visit that has the time to nurture the soul.  Shelly reminded us very much of a favorite dog of ours Arro.  She ambled graciously into our hearts.  This peaceful time for us means more to us than you can know.  Thank you Sharon and Bob for the foresight to create this lovely home.  Thank you Rosemary & Hermann for unobtrusively being our hostess and host.

Warmest regards, Carol and Jim, Calgary, Alberta


Came from Colorado to this beautiful spot.

Loved playing with Shelley 24-7!

Always just the right touches of attentiveness from Sharon!

Moonrises were spectacular! Painted a golden path across the water.


Best part was sharing all with the love of my life!

Exceptional view, décor, treats – we felt pampered

A+ on your Norwegian Ochre

Cool visiting with Bob about his Chevy & Pierce Arrow

Herman (a fellow Nautiraidian!) was a great help w/kayak


Chocolate surprises appreciated

Oh! And the hot tub after kayaking!

Took several kayak trips in perfect weather

Truffles in a glass dish…”Oh, my!”

Already thinking of a return trip

Got a little “exciting” with the kayak sail one day


Cindy and John, Grand Junction, Colorado


Dearest Sharon:  What a privilege it has been to be able to stay for two nights in this beautiful place.  I have never been to a place like this in my life – what an amazing situation; and to think I was here with Eggy, my wonderful sister and Janey, Pat and Annette, also from South Africa.  We have enjoyed every minute – your hospitality and warmth have been fantastic.  For a 60th birthday celebration we didn’t do too badly!  Thank you for an unforgettable life experience.  I do hope we meet again.

Love, Judy, Eggy, Janey, Annette & Pat, Cape Town, South Africa, Vancouver, B.C.


When I first walked in my first thought was “I never want to leave!”  We spent Sunday enjoying the view, the quiet, and the beach and just BEING here.  If heaven is a place of our own imagination/making, then this is what I want my heaven to be like.  Sharon, you have a gift of hospitality.  Thank you so much for choosing to share your little slice of heaven on earth!!  I shall return!  Allison, Kirkland, Wa


I second everything she said!   I have never stayed at a lovelier place.  Thank you Sharon for taking such good care of us with warm cookies and the granola is fabulous.  I will go home a healthier person because of it.

You are a very special and warm person and made our stay so special!  I did get to see the sunrise and the otter on my last morning and it was a special ending to my stay here!  I am just afraid you will be so booked in the future that I will never be able to get in to come back!  Rogene, Kirkland, Wa.


We four Laughtons echo the accolades of other guests in all respects.  ‘Excellence’ is the defining word, but ‘friendliness’ is a close competitor.  Keep up the good work so that we too can become second or third time visitors.  However, at the ages of Dee and me, you don’t even buy green bananas!

All the very best, Bruce & Sally, Northridge, Ca. Dee & Dave, Tsawwassen, B.C.


The pillow in the bedroom says “enjoy” and that’s exactly what we did.  This charming cottage by the sea is delightful, extremely well outfitted and so comfortable it is difficult to leave.  It is everything it says in the “glossy brochure” and more.  We even saw the sea otters just before leaving.  However, it would not be nearly so wonderful were it not for our hostess, Sharon.  She has the gift of making guests feel welcome and at home.  She is what makes this place.  P.S.  The book collection is worth the price of admission.

Dawn & Charlotte, Navan, Ont.


Well, you’ve done it again!  Made us feel so welcome, so at home, so relaxed not since my honeymoon have I planted myself in a place & not left once!  (Well, ok, that was just two years ago, but still…)  We LOVE this place and I was truly touched by all of your “extras”.  You are the most thoughtful hostess, which is the real reason Clam Beach Cottage is so special.  I looked forward to coming back to visit with you and Dennis enjoyed chatting with Bob as well.  Gus appreciated Shelly showing him all the great spots too.  Thank you all, from the bottom of our second wedding anniversary hearts.  We love you guys!

Susan, Dennis & “Gus” Seattle, Wa.- we look forward to sharing our third here next year.


I can’t imagine any greater stress therapy than a stay at the Clam Beach Cottage.  What a beautiful setting to forget all the cares of the world!  The view, the cozy cottage, the peaceful sounds of rippling waves gently splashing onto the shore, the endearing “kisses” from Shelly, but mostly the thoughtfulness and hospitality of a great hostess & host – all add up to an atmosphere that one never wants to leave.  If I were given an opportunity to redecorate the cottage – I wouldn’t change a thing!  Every little detail was so carefully thought out for the comfort of your guests.  Thank you for all the wonderful recommendations.  This will be a weekend we will never forget and will be calling you to return soon.

Frank & Ursula, Snohomish, Wa.


Our 25th anniversary getaway was perfect, romantic…and surprising!  Thanks for helping our family be a part of the celebration.  We loved every part of our stay here and you bring new meaning to the words “generosity & hospitality”!  Thanks so much for all the extra things you did – and we’ll see you in ’05 (to see the completion of Bob’s handiwork!)  James & Linda, Bainbridge Island, Wa.


We followed the Clam Beach Cottage rules.  Wow!  What a great place and wonderful time.  If possible it was even better than last year.  Thank you for every last detail and we look forward to next year.  Lex & Carol, Tucson, Arizona


Sharon, Bob & Shelly – Your cottage is idyllic and romantic – one of the best in B.C.  Your hospitality can’t be surpassed.  It was a pleasure getting to know you and we look forward to seeing you again – here or in Vancouver. Mary & David,Tucson, Arizona


Andrew and I were so looking forward to our honeymoon after such a busy summer.  We had no idea until we got here what a lovely place we had found!  Your attention to detail was great and we loved the little goodies you gave us.  Especially the cookies!  We will definitely be back.  Thank you.  We will remember this trip always.

Jenn & Andrew, Port Moody, B.C.


Sharon & Bob –Très magnifique!  Blue herons, sea otters, seagulls, osprey, hawks, Shelly!  Everything was fabulous.  You are gracious and wonderful hosts!  Already looking forward to returning next year.

Jon & Cindy, Mill Valley, Ca.


Dear Sharon & Family:  What a paradise!  I believe we have discovered a piece of “heaven”  Your wonderful Scandinavian colored cottage is perfect – from the clean white colors, wonderful detailing such as the towel warmer, CDs, books, well stocked kitchen and homemade treats!  My mother & I spent two wonderful days enjoying the views and some special time together – just reading and talking.  My mother enjoyed her early 80th birthday present and so did I!  I plan to return.  Thanks Sharon and Kristen for your wonderful hospitality.

Solvig & Britta, Victoria& West Vancouver, B.C.


Sharon, too bad we are leaving!  We spent our last evening under the stars watching the sea going to sleep.  We had a wonderful time in your cottage and we love the sunroom with the stars over our heads.  The electric “tennis racquet” for wasps is unfortunately out of order and does not kill anybody!!  We take our croissants and juice and will have a friendly thought for you and Shelly.  Thank you for spoiling the four of us.  We had a wonderful time here.  Many thanks,

Marie-Françoise & Mark, St. Lambert, Que.


Dear Sharon, Bob & Shelly:  I think we have discovered the most beautiful place on earth.  We had a chance to fully relax for the first time in ages.  What more can we ask for…cool morning breezes, sunshine, fabulous view, and perfect hosts.  I think we’ve been spoiled for life!  Thanks for sharing such a special place with us.  We look forward to many more return trips!

Mindy & Dan, South Pasadena, Ca.


Sharon, Bob & Shelly – We had a lovely time – sunshine, blue skies, fresh salmon, amazing lamb, the view from the deck…and a sense of hospitality and kindness that is rare these dates.  It’s been an amazing start to our B.C. adventure and we will certainly return to see all of you again.

Carol & Dick, Berwyn Heights, Md.


Sharon & Bob, You’ve created such a charming retreat on a most beautiful beach.  Walking the beach was spectacular with the crunching of clam shells under our feet.  Thank you for a lovely stay.  It was serendipitous that you had a cancellation and we were able to get a reservation at the last minute.  We look forward to a return visit and we’ll share this “secret place” with a few special people.  Warmest regards,

Janet & Jim, Mercer Island, Wa.


Thank you Sharon & Bob.  There are so many superlatives scattered throughout this guest book that it is almost impossible to think of one which has not been used.  Suffice to say, our stay was everything aforementioned and we will use a simple and heartfelt “thank you” for our stay in your paradise.

Ann & Mum, Delta, B.C.


Sharon & Bob:  What can we say – another memorable “FeteNationale Française” extravaganza celebrated ten days early but “bien notée” never the less.  Clam Beach Cottage is the best on the island; in fact, it is probably unique in the world. Where else can you sit on a sunny deck at low tide, watching all manner of wildlife and boats pass by?  It is so private, so quiet, so peaceful; everywhere we look there is beauty in the scene, not the least of which is in the flowers and trees surrounding the cottage.  We are truly blessed to have the privilege of being your guests for two wonderful days and nights.  “C’est la perfection chez vous” Our grateful thanks,

Judy & John, West Vancouver, B.C.    P.S. Shelly is our favorite dog!


Dear Sharon, Once again, a marvelous stay – far too short this time.  Apologies for adding a bit of excitement to your quiet Sat. evening with the kayak floating away!  We promise there will be no incidences next time!  Thanks Kristen!  We shall look forward to returning again – before the end of the year we hope.  Sharon – once again, many thanks for a superb, relaxing three days. Rhod, Gaynor, Daf and Rids


My dear new friend Sharon, This has been an incredible experience!  The fact that I could actually relax, stare out at the water, watch seagulls & seals – and this was supposed to be work – wow.  You haven’t missed a detail – the cabin is beautiful.  I will be coming back with my husband, Rob, and we’ll watch a 007 movie!!  See you soon. Janis, Vancouver, B.C.


Dear Sharon, How can I thank you enough for your overwhelming kindness, generosity and very large heart!  I always talk about what the perfect B & B would consist of and you have surpassed that.  This is a dream that you have created here for people to discover.  I will tell every soul I meet and return for another visit when I can.  Thank you again.

Heather, Langley, B.C.


Sharon, Thank you for sharing your beautiful cottage with us!  It is right out of a wonderful fairy tale!  I have never felt so relaxed!  Shelly was a wonderful tour guide on our beach walk!  The perfect hostess supplying much laughter!  She is precious!  We had the best anniversary ever.  #20.  We hope to return soon and tell many of our friends about your wonderful retreat.  Thanks for the pampering.

Steve & Lynda, Langley, B.C.


Dear Sharon, We’re not exactly globe-trotters, but we have done our share of traveling and in so doing have encountered a few “jewels” along the way (only a couple of bombs).  Clam Beach Cottage combines with absolute perfection, the best of everything!!  Never have we encountered such an outstanding combination of hospitality “par excellence”, stellar accommodation, magnificent surrounding views, and attention to every last detail.  Sharon, you have a wide array of enviable talents which you have used to achieve incredible results.  The comments of your guests, with all the superlatives and kudos, are testament to your accomplishments as a hostess and innkeeper. 

We’re torn between going home and sending everyone we know here, and wanting to keep this jewel our own little secret!!  Thanks too, to Kristen and Shelly for their warm welcome and to Bob “the phantom” who must be very supportive and talented, to share this special spot and all it offers.

We hope Bob’s retirement will afford you both with the time to savor all you’ve done here.  We also hope you’ll both keep the doors of Clam Beach Cottage open for many years.  We plan to return, for a longer stay and to soak up many more hours of your exquisite brand of R & R.  We feel so lucky to have picked your spot.  Thank you Sharon.

Sally & Phil, Mt. Hope, Ont.

Dear Sharon, We certainly saved the best of Vancouver Island for the last.  This little bit of paradise has given us two wonderful days to remember and a deep longing to return.  Your hospitality is outstanding as Sally has so beautifully documented (and so many others have too!).  Thank you so much.

Phil, Mt. Hope, Ont.



First day of summer – what a way to start!  It is an absolute paradise! We tried to complete all the “rules”.  We danced in our bathrobes in the sun, saw many shooting stars.  Enjoyed the absolute beauty of Sharon & Bob’s cottage.  Rule #14 was easy!  We substituted “wine” in #9.  Kayaks were a bonus.  Thanks so much for your hospitality.  Love, Connie & Daryle, North Vancouver, B.C.


Sharon, you have provided us with the absolute perfect 30th wedding anniversary celebration!  Counting all 30 years, this has been the best by far!  The love and attention you have put into the cottage goes beyond expectations.  While here, we have marveled at the scenery, your kindness, walks with Shelly on the beach, the total serenity & amazing little details of the cottage – the flowers, the books, your treats, the music, the wonderful simplicity with such class.  Clam Beach Cottage is the perfect place to escape the insanity of everyday life and to find peace with yourself & with nature.  Upon arriving, we immediately slowed down to “island gear” – spending hours on the lounge chairs, taking naps during the day & just talking without distractions – it was wonderful!  Thank you so much for everything.

Linda & Leo, Tigard, Oregon



  1. Take a nap whether you think you need one or not.
  2. Read whenever
  3. Listen to jazz music during breakfast
  4. Dance on the deck
  5. Lay in the lounge chairs at night & look for shooting stars
  6. Listen to nature
  7. Have dessert at midnight by candlelight
  8. Look at the reflection of the stars in the water
  9. Drink Pellegrino in a wine glass
  10. Take a walk at low tide & watch the activities of the little sand crabs
  11. Take a walk on the beach with Shelly
  12. Watch the stars from the hot tub at night
  13. Marvel in the details of the cottage & the love that Sharon has put into it
  14. Appreciate the beauty of the person you are with
  15. Use the binoculars
  16. Get up early
  17. Keep the windows open
  18. Just slow down
  19. There are NO rules!

By:  Linda & Leo, Tigard, Oregon


We’ve come all the way from the Yukon to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary at your fabulous cottage on the ocean.  The experience proved to be everything we hoped for and expected.  In fact, it exceeded our expectations.  We’ve enjoyed every single moment and every single thing about Clam Beach Cottage – from the quiet and solitude to the beauty of the hummingbirds outside the window to the gentle lapping of the water, to the exploration of the beach at low tide, to the fantastic & romantic cottage. 

This 25th anniversary was like a second honeymoon for us thanks to your gracious hospitality and wonderful surroundings.  We’ll be recommending Clam Beach Cottage to our friends!  Thanks, Sharon.

Dave & Jannie, Whitehorse, Yukon


Thank you for spoiling us all week.  Thanks for all the goodies and the opportunity to get some true R & R in a beautiful setting.  Next time we return Trevor will be able to do some beachcombing himself.  All the best,

Diane, Steve & Trevor, New Westminster, B.C.


Thank you so much – we had a wonderful time – beautiful place, scenery is awesome.  We definitely hope to come back.

Shelley & Earl, New Westminster, B.C.


We enjoyed your hospitality and warm, inviting cottage.  The food you prepared was so delicious (we’re glad to have the recipe for the granola – yummy!).  Clam Beach is perfect for “foodies” like us. We settled in the first night with some quiet time reading by the fire and slept in the next day.   I hope you will enjoy part of the 17 lb salmon as much as we did (your marinade was delicious).  When we woke up on Wednesday, we were greeted by Shelly who taught us how to play “sticks”.  Rule:  don’t be afraid to throw the stick in the water and pick up your sticks quickly.  Always have enough sticks available to play a few rounds of sticks!  Unlike fetch, the sticks will not be brought back!

Our next day, we spent much of our time driving around the island and getting a feel for Salt Spring.  We only wish we could spend more time here.  The hot tub was awesome.  Nice way to spend our 2nd anniversary.

Jim & Wendy, San Diego, Ca.


Sharon, Thanks so much again.  We had a wonderfully relaxed time – enjoyed the food (your great surprises!) loved the tea!  We have only 3 weeks to our year end show and then a month in the summer.  See you next time! 

John & Donna, Coquitlam, B.C.


Oh Sharon, you’ve spoiled us for life!  We have stayed in some lovely hideaways, but your little cottage perched on the beach tops them all – much due to the special touches and treats you’ve added.  Every day we discovered a new delight!  Thank you for warm cookies right out of the oven, fresh squeezed orange juice, pansies on the deck and flowers on the table, grapefruit scented hand soap, warm towels and lavender pillows, baby spring greens and berries, Salt Spring brew and yoga mats, the coziest robe I’ve ever worn & the best granola in the world, the company of hummingbirds, the chaise lounges on the deck, the cinnamon rolls on the sill – the guidebooks and your advice – and – the best! – hot tub under the stars and the kayaks on the water (and the company of dear Shelly!)  We feel renewed and most blessed – our hearts are full of sky and sea and all the loving care you’ve given to this place.  Its truly a work of art, Sharon – as are you and your warm & gracious hospitality.  We are grateful.  Namaste

Sue & Paul, Everson, Wa.


Thank you, Sharon.  We had a wonderful “girls” weekend.  The cabin is not missing anything!  We loved the magazines & books & movies.  We’ll have to spend more time here another time.  We wrapped ourselves in the bathrobes and blankets and talked and read and talked some more.  Thanks Kristen for making our stay so enjoyable.

Liz, Barb & Anne, Victoriaand Lower Mainland, B.C.


What a beautiful place to come and relax. Two days is not enough time to experience all you have to offer.  Thank you for everything.  We couldn’t have asked for more (except time). 

Cindy & Rip, Langley, B.C.


Dear Sharon, You have thought of everything – right down to the pink light bulbs!  We had the restful, relaxing time we needed and for that we thank both Shelly and yourself.  You are both wonderful hostesses and made us feel very welcome.  Thanks so much for opening your lovely cottage to us.

 Ernie & Sandra, Victoria, B.C.


Sharon (& Shelly):  Thank you so much for making our first experience on Salt Spring Island so memorable!  The cottage is wonderfully comfortable and certainly showcases the incredible thought and detail that you put into it.  Not to mention your amazing hospitality – from booking the reservations to inviting us to stay after check out to make sure we enjoy the perfect kayaking day.  You are the consummate host.  Certainly, if you’re ever in San Francisco, we’d love to try and reciprocate with a great meal on the town!  Best,

Jenn & Paul, San Francisco, Ca.


Dear Sharon, dear Shelly:  Thank you for an absolutely wonderful weekend – Sharon for your lovely hospitality, the beautiful cottage, the delicious treats and your attention to all the details which truly make this feel like a home away from home.  Shelly – for being such a well-behaved dog and your friendly greeting every morning.  Sharon thanks for a great 12th anniversary weekend.  It was perfect.  All the best to you at Clam Beach Cottage.

Meike & Kevin, North Vancouver, B.C.


Sharon: Thank you for making our stay here so wonderful.  With your generosity and kindness you made us feel truly welcome!  We were continuously surprised and delighted by all the thoughtful touches around the cabin and the gestures made by you.  You are definitely in the right business!  We’ll be back with our new addition.  You can count on it.  Thanks again for our wonderful stay.

Aven & Angela, Vancouver, B.C.


What a romantic delight!  Century old windows, bright morning sunrises and tasty treats to boot!  Thanks to Sharon & Shelly for the lovely experience.

Jean & Rob


We had a wonderful time!  The weather was great – lots of sun! The people that live here are all so friendly and helpful.  The sights and sounds are so special.  We had a great time with Shelly.  Thanks so much, Sharon, for making our 1st trip to Salt Spring so memorable.  You are a great host – you made us feel so special!  We couldn’t ask for a more perfect getaway.  Love,

Jimmie & Laurie, Portland, Oregon


Thank you for making our stay so hospitable.  We enjoyed particularly the canoeing (recommended) and digging for clams with Shelly and walking the beach.  We will be back soon!  Love,

Rog & Joanna, Vancouver, B.C.


Six months later, we have returned to our new favorite and sacred spot!  Thank you Sharon, Shelly & Bob.  This is our “home” away from home.  We love the relaxation away from our busy Seattle lives.   Thank you again, for the treats:  breads, cheese, fruit, chocolates and lovely salad greens.  We were able to explore new sites on the island – Southey Point & Mt. Maxwell.  Sharon, you are the nicest lady – Peter & I are constantly saying and sharing “our” spot with others.  We shall see you soon.  Love,

Amy & Peter, Ballard, Seattle, Wa.


Sharon & Shelly:  To be redundant – this place is fabulous!  We, as well as your other guests, are going (reluctantly) back to the real world, unstressed and happy.

Thanks for the treats, the recipes and for finding little odd jobs for Brian so he could feel comfortable doing “nothing” for a week.   This is obviously a project you derive as much pleasure “from” as your guests “receive”.  The true win/win!

Brian & Brenda, Goodwin, Ont.


Your cottage has far exceeded our expectations.  It is obvious that you have put a lot of thought and effort into creating a cozy and enchanting “home away from home”.  So many wonderful touches!  Thank you so much for all of the special treats and for making us feel so welcome.  We are thankful for our time spent here and for our luck in finding you and this cottage.  It is a special place. 

We will return to our regular life refreshed and relaxed with fond memories and I am sure a definite longing to return to Salt Spring and to this magical cottage…many thanks!  Rachelle & Trevor,Calgary, Alberta


We’ve sampled many B.C. B & Bs and in so many ways Clam Beach Cottage tops our list! We loved the kitchen and its stock of staples and gourmet extras that would be missed if serious cooking were attempted.  The books and magazines were entertaining and the bed fantastic.  Thanks for so courteously attending to our feather allergy!  Finally, having lotions and toiletries in the bathroom was such a comfort.

Susan & Samuel, Seattle, Wa.


Sharon, Our first trip to Salt spring was absolutely perfect!  Your “cottage by the sea” was wonderful. We were looking for somewhere we could go and just hang out for a few days as a family and we certainly found it at Clam Beach Cottage.  Sharon, you have a special talent for making people feel welcome.   Thank you.  We’ll definitely be back!

Colleen, Kerry, Lea and Scott, Kamloops, B.C.


It’s the cottage we all wish we had!  You’ve achieved an exquisite blend of the simple life and absolute luxury.  Thank you for the pampering, the chance to be carefree and your generosity in sharing this serene spot on the water.  We needed this little retreat – it was perfect.   See you soon (I hope).

Lyn, Port Coquitlam, B.C.


Such an amazing place!  We were here for a few days of our honeymoon and we couldn’t have imagined a more romantic and peaceful place.  Much thanks to Sharon for your hospitality, the treats and the late night trip to your neighbors!  We look forward to returning!

Nola & Craig, Victoria, B.C.


Sharon and Bob:  Two days of relaxation in paradise; exactly what we needed!  All the little extras made the stay perfection.  We will certainly be back.

Kirsten & Russ, Victoria, B.C.


Dear Sharon:  In reading through your previous guests’ jottings, they have got it all right.  The setting alone is paradise – your hospitality is outstanding.  I have truly never felt so pampered in my life.  Herman and I have felt overwhelmed – the senses are satiated.  Thank you so much for your every kindness.  Love from

Cousin Hermann & Rosemary, Canoe, B.C.


Sharon & Bob: Thank you for sharing your beautiful property with us.  It was everything we hoped for and more.  So many wonderful personal touches.  You’ve thought of everything.  Just the relaxing getaway we needed.  Hope to be back.

Rob & Kris, Saanichton, B.C.


Sharon: What a wonderful surprise!!  I left Edmonton with no expectations, other than to have a relaxing and special time with my sister, Lynne.  Coming here to Clam Beach was truly a bonus.  You’ve captured my heart and soul in this perfect magical hideaway.  Lynne and I could not stop smiling with pure delight.  Your warm and generous spirit has made this mini vacation extra special.  You have gone out of your way to meet the needs of all who stay here.  I know we felt very special and pampered.  The hot tub and star filled sky was awesome. You love for art and creativity is everywhere and so appreciated.   Really think an Artists’ Retreat would be fantastic!  We also enjoyed Shelly’s company – what a personality!  See you again.

Wendy, St. Albert, Alberta


Sharon:  This has been a very special sister’s getaway.  We could not have found a more perfect place.  You have an extraordinary talent for anticipating and meeting people’s needs.  We were constantly exclaiming “Wow, she even thought of that!”  Neither one of us has ever felt so thoroughly pampered before.  Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

Lynne, Vancouver, B.C.


Sharon:  Your cottage and location is certainly one of a kind.  It is much more than we expected for a few days away from our regular routine of work, housework, sports activities and family life.  The view is spectacular.  The tranquility is wonderful.  I am really enjoying the appointments and little extras in your cottage.  The orange juice squeezer, coffee maker, towel warmer, etc. are most enjoyable and appreciated.   Your food selection is also great.  Lindsay and Kelsey are having a great time.  You and Bob have helped Elaine and I feel very much at home. 

Thank you for your hospitality.  We all had a very relaxing holiday.  The cottage is very comfortable and the surroundings spectacular.  You have a very special place. 

Elaine, Dave, Lindsay & Kelsey, Coquitlam, B.C.

I had an excellent time playing with Shelly and the beds were very comfortable.  I hope we come back and stay here again.  Sincerely, Lindsay

I really had fun with Shelly.  By Kelsey


Wow!  What an idyllic spot!  Thank you Sharon for letting us share your little piece of paradise for our New Years getaway.  Everything was perfect!  The little extras such as the lavender on the bed, the truffles and the homemade treats make Clam Beach Cottage our very favorite #1 B & B.  Hope to see you again.

Deborah & Daryl, Nanaimo, B.C.

P.S.  The lights on the deck are beautiful and would look great year round!


Sharon:  Three days at “Clam Beach Cottage” have passed too quickly.  What wonderful weather we had.  We had fun filled days.  Kayaking to Wallace Island.  Walking the shoreline, hot tubing, browsing galleries, delicious treats from you.  Your cabin is very comfortable with all the necessities.  The view is spectacular.  Shelly provided companionship on our walk.  We will remember this special place always. 

Ilze & Jim, White Rock, B.C.


Sharon: Words cannot do justice to the beauty of your cottage and your boundless hospitality.  Our only regret is that we couldn’t stay longer at Clam Beach Cottage with you and Shelly.  You will always have a place to stay and friends in Southern Indiana.

Linda, Mitch & Frank


Dear Sharon:  Thank you so much for our special anniversary evening.  Everything was perfect and it was perfect to drive only 10 minutes to be in paradise.  Your generosity in all the special touches for us was “very special” and will always be fondly remembered. 

Ian & Samantha, Salt Spring Island, B.C.


Sharon, Bob, Shelly & Beau:  Thanks so much for a wonderful month at Clam Beach Cottage.  Your property is stunningly beautiful and peaceful and private.  We very much appreciated your many kindnesses and your generosity.  Living in such a gorgeous setting for a month is a treat that every other landscape photographer would envy, and, of course, Frank relished every moment of it.  (I’m sure a few of these images will be shown eventually at some of the galleries that represent him).  We loved participating briefly in some of Salt Spring’s community activities/concerts and meeting some of the island’s amazing, creative artists.  A month has sped by incredibly quickly.  We’re already figuring out how soon we can return.  Our sincere and heartfelt thanks…

Frank & Louise, Edmonton, Alberta


Sharon: Words cannot express how “magical” our two nights at Clam Beach Cottage have been.  Your hospitality, kindness, generosity, warmth and attention to detail have been unbelievable.  Thanks for adding to the splendor and perfection of our wedding weekend.  We will be back and we dream of celebrating an anniversary here one day.  It was lovely to have met such an inspirational couple.

Kate & Doug, Whistler, B.C.


Dear Sharon:  Clam Beach Cottage took me away for a lovely peaceful four days.  Somehow I knew (when I found this place while perusing the net late one night) that it would be the perfect spot for me to come to.  I left a busy family of two children and a spouse who constantly seem to need me.  I left a new job with Junior High Students who need me too.  I needed some space, some time away from children, driving, the computer, and the telephone.  I found it here!  I found beautiful windows to look through, a deck to drink my coffee on, a beach to walk on, a hot tub to lounge in and an ocean to gaze upon. I found much needed time just for me. I thank you, Sharon, for creating Clam Beach cottage.  I thank you for your company, your incredible decorating touches and your hospitality.  Thank you for Shelly who I loved sharing my time with.  As I head home today (to snow already) I can do so with contented calmness.  Thank you for giving me this.

Donna, St. Albert, Alberta


Sharon & Bob:  Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful place with us.  We had a wonderful much needed night away.  Everything was perfect and you have thought of everything anyone could ever need!  We hate to leave, even though we don’t have far to go.  Thanks for everything.  It was wonderful.

Lyall & Perry, Salt Spring Island, B.C.


Our first trip to SSI.  Wow!  What a most wonderful treat!  Celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary – we can’t imagine a more wonderful spot.  We felt “at home” – Sharon, you are so kind “it shows” that you are doing what you love and are talented at.  We will be back and only share your special and sacred spot with very special friends!  Thank you for your warmth and kindness.  The cottage is magical.  Lots of kindness,

Peter & Amy, Seattle, Wa.


Thank you Sharon & Bob for letting us share your bit of heaven on earth – even for just a few days.  Thank you also for all the little extra things you have done to make us feel welcome.  You helped us so much to get some much needed rest and down time.  Thanks also to Shelly for guiding us to and from the cottage and welcoming us on each return.  See you in the spring.

John & Donna, Coquitlam, B.C.


Once again, we’ve been to paradise – and with luck, maybe we’ll be here (Salt Spring) more often.  Our first vacation away as “empty nesters”.  Couldn’t think of a better place to come.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jan & Mark, Los Angeles, Ca.


My only regrets are that we only stayed in this magical cottage a mere one night!  The surroundings, fabulous food, and amazing hospitality definitely made us feel pampered and rejuvenated.  You have an eye for exquisite detail – from the crystal mouthwash decanter, to the beloved crib board – you made my birthday getaway a real treat.  We’ll definitely be back soon….Thanks so much!

 Katie & Karl, Langley, B.C.


Once again, we have experienced a few days in paradise!  Your hospitality and kindness continues, Sharon – resulting in our second visit in three months (and we’re already planning the next!).  The time spent at Clam Beach Cottage this summer will certainly be shared with our friends back at Shawnigan as we try to paint a picture in their minds of this amazing property of yours and all that it has to offer.  You cater for all ages – as has been so obvious with our two boys.  They could not wait to return here the second time – the addition of the kayaks being a wonderful surprise on our arrival!  The grounds look amazing – due to Bob’s hard work and Shelly continues to be top of our list of “cool canines”.  Your homemade granola is still the best I have ever tasted, Sharon, and the chocolate banana bread is amazing too!  I could go on and on but, sadly to say, it is time for us to head home.  Hope the months ahead are wonderful for you both.  Thanks again for making our stay so “special” for us.  You are both wonderful people.

Gaynor, Rhod, Daf & Rids, Shawnigan Lake, B.C.


We thank you for a marvelous conclusion to our honeymoon - we adored our trek to Wallace Island and cherished the hot tub awaiting our return.  Your cottage enabled us to achieve our goal – to relax and spend time focused on each other.  It was glorious.  We truly hope to return as we feel we’ve found paradise.  Thank you for your hospitality and careful attention to detail.  Many thanks.

Chris & Jen, Seattle, Wa.


Warm memories are going to travel with us all the way back east to Toronto!  You have made “real” another place name on the map of our magnificent country.  We are thankful for a serendipitous discovery!    Woke up to see the magic of the estuary – as our kids would say – “awesome”!!

Wendy & Peter, Toronto, Ont.


We don’t want to leave Sharon!  Thank you for giving us such a beautiful place to be together in – we cooked and sang and soaked and lay around on every chaise lounge and couch and bed here – and they all feel like home.  Thanks Bob for the hot tub and Shelly for all the love – hope she doesn’t catch a wasp – with love,

Kathryn & Marie, Victoriaand North Vancouver, B.C.


What a beautiful & peaceful haven – showcasing the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  Sharon, you’ve created a charming, colorful, cheerful place here at Clam Beach Cottage – I especially enjoyed your whimsical touches with artwork from around the corner and around the world.  Salt Spring is a treasure and so are you.  I feel so pampered – I will be back. P.S.  And, oh, that hot tub under the stars & the trees – amazing!

Susan & Denis, Seattle, Wa.


 Dear Sharon & Bob:  What a wonderful surprise.  We had no idea what kind of magic was on Salt Spring Island.  Your “Clam Beach Cottage” is on our “all time favorites” list – only other place that compares for us is the “Tree House” in Kauai, Hawaii in Hanalei.

Your imagination, Sharon, is and must be as a romantic par excellence.  Your thoughtfulness and hospitality is wonderful.  Thank you for a night that will always be remembered…”our magic”.  Shelly was great.

Lex & Carole, Tucson, Arizona


Sharon, where to begin…you are a very kind and thoughtful person.  These past four days have truly been a dream come true for Freddie and me.  In our thirteen years together and doing everything with or for our three children it has meant the most to us being here and so spoiled by all your treats and this magical place.  We are now refreshed, rejuvenated and centered again.   We couldn’t stop smiling from the time we got here.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

All of our thanks and love,

Traci & Freddie, Duncan, B.C.


Dear Sharon, Bob & Shelly:  You have an amazing place here.  The sights, sounds & smells are wonderful.  Sharon, you have thought of everything.  Every detail is perfect.  We really enjoyed Shelly.  She is a great dog.  Thank you for making our 50 birthday celebration so special.

Bettie, Ontario

Dear Sharon & Bob “the painter”:  Thank you for an absolutely wonderful Salt Spring experience!  Sharon, you’ve left no shell unturned in making Clam Beach Cottage luxuriously perfect.  Your good taste & thoughtfulness is evident everywhere – the welcoming treats, the beautiful linens, the array of music, movies (tho we couldn’t pull ourselves away from the beauty of the cottage to watch any!) and books, especially “Girlfriends” front & center on the coffee table.  I feel like I’ve made another girlfriend.

Hope to see you next year if you can squeeze me in – I’ll be in touch.  P.S. you were wonderful too Shelly.  Best wishes & warmest regards,

Patty, Port Moody, B.C.


Sharon & Bob:  Before we even got here I felt as though we were already friends – phone calls, email.  Thanks for all your help with ferries – greatly appreciated – made the trip here much easier!  The cottage is wonderful – we feel so lucky to have found you and your little bit of heaven on earth/water.  We wish we could find this every night for the rest of our vacation (know that won’t happen – nothing can compare).  You’ve done so much here – how proud you must be!!  Thank you for sharing your home and giving so much hospitality.  You’re a perfect host!  Thank you, thank you!

Sheryl & Jerry, Logansport, Indiana


Sharon, I told you via email that you made me feel at home and I hadn’t even yet arrived!  Perfect, as you have continued to amaze me with your out of this world hospitality and warmth.  Truly, I’ve stayed at many, many B & B’s and no place and no one compares to this bliss!  We are in the process of booking our return to take the sting out of leaving.  View, cottage, food, music, kayaks, Shelly and all the wonderful extra touches – sublime!

As Boz Scaggs says “Oh Beautiful!”  Thank you, thank you for giving us such a beautiful memory of our first wedding anniversary.  Peace.

Susan & Dennis, Seattle, Wa.


Sharon & Bob:  The past six days have been absolutely amazing.  We haven’t felt this relaxed in a very long time.  This cottage and the surroundings are so beautiful.  We have really felt at home here.  Sharon, you have been a wonderful hostess.  You have made us feel so welcome.  Thank you so much for all the homemade goodies you’ve brought us (and the recipes!).  We sure appreciated all the little extras you’ve provided.  We are really going to miss this place.  Thank you both for everything.  Love,

Rob & Debbie, Calgary, Alberta


Dear Sharon, Thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality to us while sharing your beautiful exquisite Clam Beach Cottage.  I would say the best I have experienced anywhere in the world.  You are a flawless host and we enjoyed it more because of this.  The very best of luck with your continuing success.  I hope you have many more wonderful years ahead meeting interesting people along the way.  Thank you Sharon.  Monica, Australia

Thank you Sharon for your thoughtfulness and interesting conversation.  Hope to see you again.

David, Burnaby, B.C.


Dear Sharon, Thank you for opening your cottage a summer early so we could celebrate our anniversary and Dad’s birthday here.  We enjoyed every aspect of our stay.  Comfortable, cozy cottage, gorgeous scenery, activites like kayaking, hot tubbing, etc.  We appreciate all the care you took in providing the treats with which you stocked the fridge.  It was a pleasure meeting Dan – what a wonderful young man.  Best wishes to Kristen for her education.  We‘ve had a memorable stay and hope to make it back soon. In the meantime, we’ll certainly be telling our friends about you and Clam Beach Cottage.  With sincerity,

 Gerald, Marilyn, Oscar & Hilda,  Dallas, Oregon


Dear Sharon & Bob:  An absolutely fabulous hideaway!  Thank you for inviting us for the weekend.  The cottage is gorgeous.  You’ve done a wonderful job and everything is perfect!!  Sharon, you are an amazing hostess and truly a great friend.  Love you to bits. Marian &Wayne, West Vancouver, B.C.


Enchanting, enticing, exquisite! What a phenomenal get away!  It was a perfect honeymoon!  We felt as though we were miles away from reality!!!  There are breathtaking blissful views and a flawless & fabulous host!  We can’t thank you enough for making everything so perfect.  Best wishes, Lots of Love,

Rob & Lisa, White Rock, B.C.


How lucky we feel to have been able to squeeze in a booking at your lovely cottage.  Thank you so much for sharing it!  The views are breathtaking and so relaxing…just what the doctor ordered.  A great “birthday” escape.  We will be keeping the cottage in mind for future escapes, mark my words!!  Thanks again.  Every detail has not been missed.

Nicole & Tex, Bellevue, Wa.


Dear Sharon & Bob (the gardener):  You have turned our 10th anniversary into another honeymoon.  Our stay at your private paradise was amazing.  The setting is a dream and Sharon your generous spirit has touched us in so many ways.  Sharon, you have become a part of our collection of “wonderful people”.  Hey, what can I say, I now like dogs, especially Shelly, because she is yours.  You will be hearing from us again.   Sharon & Bob, you are an inspiration!  Most sincerely,

Brenda & Bernie, Calgary, Alberta


Sharon, thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality in sharing “Clam Beach Cottage” with us.  We were able to find peace and relaxation even during this difficult time wait for news on the wildfires at home.  Your “paradise” is like no other.  Can’t wait until next summer!  Fondly,

Dwayne, Brenda, Madison & Nero, Heffley Lake, B.C.


The last ten days on Salt Spring at Clam Beach Cottage have been very special indeed.  Enhanced by hot, sunny days, our time here couldn’t be any better.  The cottage is truly perfect; it is comfortable, cozy, affords gorgeous views and is tastefully furnished.  Thank you for all the baked goodies which appeared on a window sill or kitchen counter with attached note.  You’ve spoiled us and we even enjoyed it!  Many thanks for a memorable stay in this beautiful place.  Amities,

Judy and John, West Vancouver, B.C.

I had a fab time.   Thanks for all of your hospitality and the “loan” of Shelly – she’s a great dog.  Thanks again for having me.  Cheers

Christa, Vancouver, B.C.


Lucky, lucky, lucky us!!!  The last three days have been the best of our honeymoon.  The cottage, the views, the food, the hot tub late at night, looking up at the stars, first time in a kayak (!), the bottles of wine – everything one would normally only dream about – and it happened to us!!  We really do feel incredibly lucky to have come here.  Thank you so very much for giving us an experience we will talk about and share for a long time.  I am only afraid that we will have to be pried out of here. 

Ditto to the above!  Thank you for all the helpful suggestions on what to see, do and eat in Vancouver!  There is so much to thank you for I’m sure we have missed something.  If we keep going we will use up the rest of your guest book!  We don’t want to leave!  Any chance we could sleep in the car in your drive….???

Brian & Sian, Crunlin, Dublin, Ireland


Dear Sharon & Bob:  Thank you so much! We had a fantastic holiday.  It is so beautiful and we have loved every moment.  Sharon, you are a wonderful hostess!  See you very soon.

Alan & Cheryl, Vancouver, B.C.


What a jewel – how lucky we are to have found our way here – you have not missed one single detail!  The canoe, the kayak, Shelly and her sticks, the Pierce Arrow, your generosity and great input (and time) into our house search – the art auction, the trampoline and best of all – meeting the two of you – at this glorious place.  We’ll be back!

Jan & Mark, Los Angeles, Ca.


How do you know when you’ve found that “one of a kind place”?  You’re not ready to leave and you know you’ll return.  Many thanks Sharon & Bob.  Shelly, see you soon for coffee and “sticks” on the beach.   Marilyn, Vancouver, B.C.

We will be back!!  Love it.   Brenda, Port Moody, B.C.


You could not find a more idyllic spot or a more hospitable hostess!  We have enjoyed being here so much.  We’ve traveled throughout B.C. these last few weeks on our honeymoon and I cannot imagine a better place to wrap up our vacation.  As I sit on the deck or in the living room and look out on the water, I feel as if I am floating.  The cottage is so cozy and the people are so friendly…it’s perfect.  Thanks so much.

Tiffany & Kieran, Oakland, Ca.


I could never imagine such a perfectly wonderful little cottage…we have so enjoyed our stay.  The quietness and beauty that surrounded us will always be a fantastic memory.  Words cannot express how thankful we are or how incredibly blessed we were to stay here.  We hope to make it back each year for our anniversary.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Laura & Steve, Victoria, B.C.



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